Just Worms


Worm Starter will kick start your new worm bin.



Get your redworms here. These are pulled right from my growing beds. They were raised on cardboard and food scraps. They are my hand-raised babies. These worms are packed in a living material that feeds them and protects them going into their new bin.

Worms eat living compost. They want a lively bed that grows tasty food for them. New bedding does not have many microbes and those are not fine-tuned for feeding worms. The Old Toms Wormery Worm Starter is like sourdough starter or Kombucha mother. Yes, it has about a pound of redworms, but it also has a dose of growing bedding full of the right microbes. Worm Starter will kick start your new worm bin. One starter is good for an 18-gallon bin. Buy them now and I will schedule delivery.


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