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This is the CFT worm bin for you. The bin is 2, 4, or 6 feet long and a little more than 2 feet wide; this worm bin is square feet of growing area plus a bit. The bin is simple with many protective features. The compost does not touch wood. The bin is delivered as a quick assembly kit.

The base is built from quality deck redwood so it should last a lifetime. The base stands on redwood 14″ legs for easy access and simple harvest. No compost touches the wood base.

The base holds galvanized steel pipes which are the false bottom. The composting box sits on those galvanized pipes to allow easy harvesting from below. The box interior is coated with fish-safe, pond-liner rubberized paint. This paint is used to make permanent landscape raised beds so you know it will last. The box sides are held together with Trex which never rots. Compost only touches steel pipe, pond liner or Trex. Compost does not touch wood or screws. The box should last that same lifetime. If there is ever a problem, the box lifts off to replace in the distant years to come.

This bin is sized and priced for small restaurants and large families. This is a simple bin, there is no cutting bar, no motor and no electrical connection. You harvest with the four tined rake that I provide. When you want to go big, but you don’t want to buy a commercial grade CFT look to the Old Toms Wormery CFT. I have taken the best ideas to stay simple, low tech, and robust. Let me know you want a bin this serious.

See for the inspiration of my design.

P.S. If you have a horse or two, the horse manure is no longer a problem. The Hearts’ Delight worm bin turns horse poop into garden gold.

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