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Don’t Shred Food Containers

My worms eat any and all of my cardboard. They love Amazon boxes (tape and all). They enjoy egg cartons, and cereal boxes, and all kinds of shiny packaging. They gobble up greasy pizza boxes.

But let’s talk about to-go containers. We get a lot more of those since covid. My worms eat those, but I don’t run those through a shredder. I’ve learned to feed those containers whole to my worms. Many are lined with a plastic coating to keep your food safe. If you shred, then you get shredded plastic in your worm bin.

So, I open them up and layer them into the worm bin. Sometimes, I tear them into big chunks. These are tricks for easy catching those plastic liners. I find lots of ghostly coffee cups and plastic sheets shaped like Chinese take out boxes. I’m still happy that the worms ate the cardboard and the plastic film goes into the trash.

Keep it simple. The worms are happy and so am I.