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Everything you need to start. Your Worm Farm arrives with worms already growing!

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TheĀ Old Toms Wormery Worm Farm is everything you need to grow worms, compost your food scraps and make the best fertilizer. It is a Sturdy ~18 gallon bin with a large vent and drain ports. Your Worm Farm arrives with worms already growing in that healthy Old Toms Bedding. You can get growing immediately! Buy this bin for a quick, easy start to worm farming.

The bin has bedding and worms growing and ready to feed. There are accessories to help your bin perform its best. The instructions are simple and I am here to support you. The growing Worm Farm is currently only available in the San Jose area because the bin is heavy, but ask about shipping options (Tom@OldTomsWormery.com) if you want the best, simple worm farm available sent as a dry kit.

The best bins keep the right amount of moisture. The experts describe it as, ‘Like a squeezed-out sponge’. Of course, everybody squeezes a little differently. Then they will tell you that maintaining that perfect amount of wetness is hard. So, the Old Toms Worm Farm has built in ventilation and a moisture control sheet to make control easier. If the bed feels wet, fold back the sheet to let it breath. If the bed feels dry, spread out the sheet to hold moisture in. If the bin walls are too wet, spread out the sheet and open the lid just a crack for even more ventilation. If your bin gets really wet, open the drain ports to let that extra water out. The Old Toms Worm Farm puts you in control.

Harvesting your compost is easy in the Old Toms Worm Farm. The kit includes a ‘Worm Filter’ for letting nature separate worms from compost. With the worm filter sheet and a bright day, the worms will crawl out of the used compost and into the new bedding quickly and easily. They do most of the work and you just encourage them along. Growing worms in the Old Toms Worm Farm is easy and starting your next batch is even easier. Start now with your new Old Toms Wormery Worm Farm!


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