Subscription Services – Price Varies

Old Toms Wormery will send just the number of worms you want, as often as you need them.

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Sometimes you need redworms to feed your pets, but don’t want to maintain a worm colony. When you want just a few worms, many companies make you buy 500 or 1000 or a pound or even more. Old Toms Wormery will send just the number you want as often as you need them. Your subscription worms have just enough bedding to keep them healthy until the next batch arrives. You can have happy, well fed pets in the easiest way. And when the next batch arrives you can pour the used bedding into your house plants, garden, or lawn for a tiny fertilizer boost.

Let us know how many you want and how often to send them. We’ll set the best price based on your schedule. By the way, your pets will ask for more of these tasty treats and we can do this with Mealworms too!


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